Cours s’il pleut designs and makes bikepacking bags and clothing in a garage-converted-to-workshop in the North-West of France.

Items are made to order (How it works) using materials with the lowest impact we can find, be it recycled, deadstock and/or recyclable.


All products are created and made by Gaëlle, an architect turned craftswoman. Cours s’il pleut is meant to be a creative studio to build bridges between designing, production and real-life use, drawing inspiration from hiking and biking trips as well as every day use.

Expect comfortable and versatile garments, practical bags and roomy pockets.


All pieces are constructed with the greatest attention to detail, but outdoor gear is subject to heavy use. To make them last, a mend kit is included with every order to patch small tears, fray or any other wear that can happen when living outside.

Articles can be sent to the workshop for repairs. Please contact with photos of the damage.