The Tilt hip pack is a roomy, comfortable and practical bumbag. Featuring 5 external pockets, daisy chains and straps, it helps keeping the essentials at hand and organised, while the wide, padded hip belt distributes the load around the hips.

— made-to-order from a selection of durable, waterproof fabrics
— 3D mesh and 40mm hip belt for comfort
— pockets !
165 euros

Materials and functions

• Features and design

The Tilt hip pack is made with durable, waterproof fabrics on the outer, a light-coloured water-resistant nylon ripstop liner and three black stretch mesh pockets on the outside.

40mm-wide webbing is used for the hip belt, which helps diffuse the weight so it doesn’t cut through the adbomen. 3mm 3D mesh padding is used for the back and wings, helping wick moisture and providing cushioning from the items inside the bag. 

• Materials

The Tilt hip pack can be made from a selection of deadstock or recycled fabrics. Any of the fabrics listed below can be used for the five panels that compose the bag : the front pannel, the side pannels (x2), the top and bottom pannels and the belt wings (x2).

— Sunbrella Marine Acrylic Canvas 

(320 g/sqm)

Sunbrella Marine fabric is an impregnated waterproof acrylic woven fabric that is initially made for boat protection. It’s UV, salt and mould resistant so will hold its colour and strength even after being exposed to the elements for a long time. 

This acrylic canvas has a soft and matte appearance, close to cotton, which gives it a timeless look, while still being durable and more abrasion resistant than cotton. 

— X-Pac 

X-Pac® is a performance laminate fabric. The fabric uses a proprietary multi-layer lamination technology that makes it highly durable and strong, 100% waterproof, and very stable with low bias stretch. 

— Challenge Sailcloth Ecopak 

(288 g/sqm)

This fabric laminates a 100% recycled polyester outer fabric together with a UV-stable, highly waterproof ripstop recycled polyester. The strong, blue CrossPly polyester fibres that lye in a diamond shape between the layers increase the tear resistance and prevent the material from stretching in all directions. This fabric has a slightly shiny surface which gives it a technical appearance. 

Customise and configure

You can test out different fabric combinations in the window below. Please note that monitors all have different colour calibrations. The fabric swatches displayed above and the bag panels below are for guidance only. Please check the Example section below for more thorough depictions.

This builder is for experimentation purposes only. To order a bag, please visit the Tilt hip pack shop page.


Capacity : 4.5L

Weight: ~ 345g, depending on the fabrics

Dimensions: 29 x 15 x 10 cm

minimum/maximum belt circumferences : 67cm / 120 cm (it can be made longer if needed, leave us a note when placing the order)


  • body : X Pac, Ecopak or Sunbrella
  • side and bottom pockets : durable stretch mesh, black (260 g/sqm)
  • back and wings : 3mm 3D spacer mesh
  • liner : ripstop Nylon (70g/sqm)


Here is a selection of custom-made Tilt hip packs with a variety of fabrics.


Hand-wash only.

Wipe off stains with a damp cloth.

Store in a dry, well-vented space.