The Bright wallet is a small, flat wallet to carry the essentials on rides and trips. Made with durable, high-vis fabric, it’s easy to find, and its pockets allow for storage of small items such as lighters, SD cards or small trail finds.

— made from a selection of durable, waterproof fabrics
— key loop doubles as a carabiner
— easy access zippered compartment
30 euros

Materials and functions

The Bright wallet is made with durable fabrics and a mesh pocket.

It features 6 pockets :

  • easy acess zippered coin pocket
  • credit card slot
  • two small horizontal slots
  • large mesh pocket
  • thin vertical slot (for small pens or a lighter)

A key loop is stored behind the mesh pocket. It can also be used to attach the wallet to a bag or a cord.

The velcro closure ensures easy opening and flexibility when having to store many coins/inner tube patches/plasters.

  • Materials 

The Bright wallet is be made from a selection of deadstock or recycled fabrics.

— X-Pac 

X-Pac® is a performance laminate fabric. The fabric uses a proprietary multi-layer lamination technology that makes it highly durable and strong, 100% waterproof, and very stable with low bias stretch. 

— Challenge Sailcloth Ecopak 

This fabric laminates a 100% recycled polyester outer fabric together with a UV-stable, highly waterproof ripstop recycled polyester. The strong, blue CrossPly polyester fibres that lye in a diamond shape between the layers increase the tear resistance and prevent the material from stretching in all directions. This fabric has a slightly shiny surface which gives it a technical appearance. 


Dimensions: 8 x 11.5 x 1.5 cm

Weight: ~ 25g


  • main : X Pac RVX25 or Challenge Sailcloth Ecopak
  • hex mesh


Hand-wash only.

Wipe off stains with a damp cloth.

Store in a well-vented space.